4-Wire Video Intercom

Ideal for hands-free 4-Wire Analog audio/video communication at public access points including secure door, gate entrances and unattended lobby areas, commonly deployed at multi-tenant professional office, airport, hotel, hospital ward, laboratory or data center.

  • For Analog 4-Wire Video Door Phones, the new TCP/IP enabled VDPs by Pixels is a perfect fit with a 7” TFT capacitive touch screen for wide viewing. The system offers 3-level security at main guard station, tower lobby entrance and flat entrance. The indoor unit of VDPs provides the recording facility wherein the system is able to record communication between visitors and residents as well as take a picture if required.
  • The trendy intercom feature of VDPs allows residents to communicate with other residents in the same society, hence eliminating conventional telephones with EPABX system and reduces costs. This stylish device even enables users to leave messages when away from home and can also make emergency calls to the main guard station. Similar to villa VDPs, Multi Apartment VDPs have in-built Intrusion Alarm features which get active in any threat situation.
  • The Pixels analog or TCP/IP based multi-apartment & villa video door phones not only bring convenience to home occupants but also add value to physical security and safety. Both Villa and Multi-apartment VDPs operate on standard LAN architecture & supports integration of IP Cameras with the system. Designed aesthetically, these VDPs go well with the interior of home and are perfect for both new & existing infrastructure. In addition to these features, low labor and operating cost involved in installing these video door phones make them the ideal security companion for your home.